What's Different About

Silva Lab .

Our Focus and Purpose

We’re Focused on Improving Arrhythmia Patient Outcomes

Led by Jonathan Silva PhD, Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering at Washington University in St Louis

We do this by studying and developing new approaches; in order to discover mechanisms of antiarrhythmic drug interaction with the myocyte proteins that generate its electrical activity and signal contraction.

Our Commitment To Mentorship

Dr Silva and his team are committed to the success of all students that are accepted into the lab’s competitive research program. They pledge to:

Help you develop an impactful, feasible, and exciting project that’s also competitive for national fellowships.
Write recommendation letters as part of our commitment to supporting you as your medical career develops.
Meet with you to provide encouragement, discuss project direction, and help you overcome challenges.
Support you in your efforts to present your research and accompanying work at national and international conferences.
Work with you to write papers that communicate your ideas clearly and accurately to the widest possible audience.
Help you to create and craft fellowship applications that are nationally competitive in our field of medicine.
Attract the funding needed to support our research and ensure that all projects are properly resourced.

Our Team Charter

What we agree on

Here at the Silva Lab, we take pride in the quality of our research and we champion a culture of mutual respect and cooperation As the principal investigator, Dr Silva, is responsible for upholding standards and ensuring all program participants’ expectations are met.
We create original work and both individually and collectively take credit for that work.
Work from others in and outside of the lab is properly attributed in presentations and papers.
We collaborate with each other to create work that is greater than the sum of its parts.
We communicate on a daily basis, contribute our ideas, and use our expertise to help others.
We hold our research to highest standards, and test our hypotheses using rigorous methods.
We follow the data and design our experiments in order to gain true, empirical insights.
We document our methods and our work so that those who follow us can build on our achievements.
We follow lab safety protocols to ensure that everyone is working in a healthy environment.