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Take a closer look at internal news about our department, as well as press coverage our projects have received.

Awards & Grants

Those we thank for their support.

Established Investigator Award from American Heart Association

We received Established Investigator award from the American Heart Association (AHA). Award supports continued research in seeking arrhythmia therapies.

Wandi Zhu

Wandi Zhu received the Biophysical Society Student Research Achievement Award (2018).

$1.9m RO1 Award

The Silva Lab has received an RO1 award for 5 years with a total of $1.9M. Read more about the research here.

Children’s Discovery Institute

The CDI has awarded us funds in total of 495k over 3 years in support of our augmented reality project.

Institute of Clinical and Translational Sciences

The Institute of Clinical and Translational Sciences has awarded our lab a Just-In-Time Core Usage Program (JIT) grant for use with the Genome Engineering & iPSC Center at Washington University.

Bear Cub Grant

We are the recipients of a Bear Cub grant during the second cycle! Thank you to the Skandalaris Center, the Institute of Clinical and Translational Sciences, and the Center for Drug Discovery for their support.

Our Successes

Numerous opportunities await those who complete our program

Given the nature of our research, the scope and importance of cardiovascular treatment, here at Silva Labs, there’s a very real opportunity to transform research into a commercial enterprise.

We’ve already seen great success with recent Augmented Reality spinoff, SentiAR, which has to date raised $15.1M and is now 11 employees-strong. Read more about SentiAR here.