Our arrhythmia research has also been featured in numerous publications.


Arrhythmia-associated calmodulin variants interact with KCNQ1 to confer aberrant membrane trafficking and function

Po wei Kang, Lucy Woodbury, Paweorn Angsutararux, Namit Sambare, Jingyi Shi, Martina Marras, Carlota Abella, Anish Bedi, DeShawn Zinn, Jianmin Cui, Jonathan R Silva

PNAS Nexus (November 2023) 2 (11) pgad335
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Use of a Mixed Reality System for Navigational Mapping During Cardiac Electrophysiology Testing Does Not Prolong Case Duration A Sub-analysis from the Cardiac Augmented Reality Study

Bloom D, Catherall D, Miller N, Southworth MK, Glatz AC, Silva JR*, Silva JNA*. *co-corresponding

Cardiovascular Digital Health Journal - accepted
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Validity Study Comparing Polar Ignite’s® Estimated VO2max toTraditional Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing in Normal Cardiac Anatomy &Fontan Pediatric Patients

Brian Hernandez, Bayley Roberts, Erica Jamro-Comer, Anusha Kodidhi, Lisa Roelle, Nathan Miller, Lauren Littell, Aecha Ybarra, Jonathan Silva, Jennifer Silva, William Orr

American Journal of Pediatrics : 2472-0887; ISSN Online: 2472-0909
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Arrhythmia-associated Calmodulin Variants Interact with KCNQ1 to Confer Aberrant Membrane Trafficking and Function

Kang PW, Woodbury L, Angsutararux P, Sambare N, Shi J, Marras M, Abella C, Bedi A, Zinn D, Cui J, Silva JR.

bioRxiv. (January 2023) : 526031
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FHF2 phosphorylation and regulation of native myocardial Na V 1.5 channels

Lesage A, Lorenzini M, Burel S, Sarlandie M, Bibault F, Maloney D, Silva JR, Reid Townsend R, Nerbonne JM, Marionneau C.

bioRxiv. (February 2023) : 526475
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Emerging Methods to Model Cardiac Ion Channel and Myocyte Electrophysiology

Jonathan D. Moreno, Jonathan R. Silva

Biophysics Reviews (March 2023) 4 (1) : 0127713
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Differential regulation of cardiac sodium channels by intracellular fibroblast growth factors

Paweorn Angsutararux, Amal Dutta, Martina Marras, Carlota Abella, Rebecca Mellor, Jingyi Shi, Jeanne Nerbonne*, and Jonathan Silva*, * co-corresponding

Journal of General Physiology (March 2023) 155 (5): e202213300
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An allosteric modulator activates BK channels by perturbing coupling between Ca2+ binding and pore opening

Guohui Zhang, Xianjin Xu, Zhiguang Jia, YANYAN GENG, Hongwu Liang, Jingyi Shi, Martina Marras, Carlota Abella, Karl Magleby, Jonathan Silva*, Jianhan Chen*, Xiaoqin Zou*, and Jianmin Cui*, *co-corresponding

Nature Communications (November, 2022) 13: 6784
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Early Preclinical Experience of a Mixed Reality Ultrasound System with Active GUIDance for NEedle-Based Interventions: The GUIDE Study

David Bloom, Jamie N. Colombo, Nathan Miller, Michael K. Southworth, Christopher Andrews, Alexander Henry, William B. Orr, Jonathan R. Silva *, Jennifer N. Avari Silva *, *co-corresponding

Cardiovascular Digital Health Journal (August 2022) : 2022.07.072
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Robust, Automated Analysis of Electrophysiology in iPSC-Derived Micro-Heart Muscle for Drug Toxicity

Kasoorelope Oguntuyo, David Schuftan, Jingxuan Guo, Daniel Simmons, Druv Bhagavan, Jonathan Moreno, Po Wei Kang, Evan Miller, Jonathan Silva*, Nathaniel Huebsch*, *co-corresponding

Tissue Engineering Part C: Methods (June 2022) : TEC.2022.0053
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Creating Ion Channel Kinetic Models Using Cloud Computing

Kathryn E. Mangold, Zhuodong Zhou, Max Schoening, Jonathan D. Moreno, Jonathan R. Silva

Current Protocols (February 2022) : cpz1.374
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Intrinsic Mechanisms in the Gating of Resurgent Na+ Currents

Joseph L Ransdell, Jonathan D Moreno, Druv Bhagavan, Jonathan R Silva, Jeanne M Nerbonne

eLife (January 2022)11 : e70173
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Pulsus alternans in cardiogenic shock recapitulated in a single cell fluorescence imaging of a patient’s cardiomyocyte

Moreno JD, Bhagavan D, Li A, Gerstner NC, Miller EW, Huebsch N, Cresci S, Silva JR

Circulation: Heart Failure (2022)15 : e008855 (Originally published10 Dec 2021)
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Molecular pathology of sodium channel beta-subunit variants

Paweorn Angsutararux, Wandi Zhu, Taylor Voelker, Jonathan Silva

Frontiers in Pharmacology, section Pharmacology of Ion Channels and Channelopathies (November 2021) : 12:761275
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Virtual and augmented reality in cardiovascular care: State of the art and future perspectives

Jung C, Wolff G, Wernly B, Bruno R, Franz M, Schulze PC, Silva JNA, Silva JR, Bhqatt D, Kelm M

JACC: Cardiovascular Imaging (October 2021) :2021.08.017
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Identification of Structures for Ion Channel Kinetic Models

Mangold, K.E., Wang, W., Johnson, E.K., Bhagavan, D., Moreno, J.D., Nerbonne, J.N., Silva, J.R.

PLoS Comput Biology (August 2021)17(8): e1008932
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Hypothesis: Conformations of Voltage-Sensing Domain III Differentially Define NaV Channel Closed and Open State Inactivation

Angsutaraux, P., Kang, P.W., Zhu, W., Silva, J.R.

The Journal of General Physiology (August 2021) 153 (9): e202112891
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Reversible Photothermal Modulation of Electrical Activity of Excitable Cells Using Polydopamine Nanoparticles

Gholami Derami, H., Gupta, P., Weng, KC., Seth, A., Gupta, R., Silva, J.R., Raman, B., and Singamaneni, S.

Advanced Materials (August 2021) 33 (32) : 2008809
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Modulation of the Effects of Class-Ib Antiarrhythmics on Cardiac NaV1.5-Encoded Channels by Accessory NaVβ Subunits

Zhu, W., Wang, W., Angsutararux, P., Mellor, R.L., Isom, L.L., Nerbonne, J.M., and Silva, J. R.

JCI Insight (June 2021) :143092
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Impact of Augmented-Reality Improvement in Ablation Catheter Navigation as Assessed by Virtual-Heart Simulations of Ventricular Tachycardia Ablation

Prakosa, A., Southworth, M.K., Avari Silva, J.N., Silva, J.R, and Trayanova, N.A.

Computers in Biology and Medicine 133 (June 2021): 104366
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Proteomic and Functional Mapping of Cardiac NaV1.5 Channel Phosphorylation Sites

Lorenzini, M., Burel, S., Lesage, A., Wagner, E., Charrière, C., Chevillard, PM., Evrard, B., et al

The Journal of General Physiology (2021) 153 (2): e202012646.
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Use of Extended Realities in Cardiology

Southworth, MK, Silva JR*, Silva JNA*

Trends Cardiovasc Med (April 2020) 30(3) :143-148
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Calmodulin acts as a state-dependent switch to control a cardiac potassium channel opening

Kang PW, Westerlund AM, Shi J, White KM, Dou AK, Cui AH, Silva JR, Delemotte L, Cui J,

Science Advances (December 2020) 6(50) : eabd6798
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Registration Techniques for Clinical Applications of Three-Dimensional Augmented Reality Devices

Andrews, C.M., Henry, A.B., Soriano, I.M., Southworth, M.K., and Silva, J.R.

IEEE Journal of Translational Engineering in Health and Medicine (December 2020) 9 : 4900214
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Performance Evaluation of Mixed Reality Display for Guidance during Transcatheter Cardiac Mapping and Ablation

Southworth M. K., Silva J. N. A., Blume W. M., Hare G. F. V., Dalal A. S. and Silva J. R.

IEEE Journal of Translational Engineering in Health and Medicine (July 2020) 8 :1900810
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Conservation and divergence in NaChBac and NaV1.7 pharmacology reveals novel drug interaction mechanisms

Zhu W, Li T, Silva J.R., Chen J

Scientific Reports (July 2020) 10 (1) :10730
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First-In-Human Use of a Mixed Reality Display for Guidance during Transcatheter Cardiac Mapping and Ablation

Silva JNA, Southworth MK, Blume WM, Andrews C. M., Van Hare GF, Dalal AS, Miller M, Sodhi SS, Silva J. R.

JACC: Electrophysiology (August 2020) 6 (8) :1023 -1025
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Development and Human Factors Considerations for Extended Reality Applications in Medicine: The Enhanced ELectrophysiology Visualization and Interaction System (ĒLVIS)

Silva JNA, Privitera MB, Southworth MK, Silva J. R.

Human Computer Interaction International Conference Proceedings, 2020
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Extended Reality in Medical Practice

Andrews C, Southworth MK, Silva JNA*, Silva JR*

Current Treatment Options in Cardiovascular Medicine (April 2019) 21 (4) :18
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Gating control of the cardiac sodium channel Nav1. 5 by its β3-subunit involves distinct roles for a transmembrane glutamic acid and the extracellular domain

Salvage SC, Zhu W, Habib ZF, Hwang SS, Irons JR, Huang CL*, Silva J. R.*, Jackson AP* (*Co-corresponding authors)

Journal of Biological Chemistry (December2019) 294 (51) :19752-63
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A Molecularly Detailed NaV1.5 Model Reveals a New Class I Antiarrhythmic Target

Moreno J. D., Zhu W., Mangold K., Chung W., Silva J. R.

JACC: Basic to Translational Science (October 2019) 4 (6) :736-751
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Predicting Patient Response to the Antiarrhythmic Mexiletine Based on Genetic Variation: Personalized Medicine for Long QT Syndrome

Zhu W., Mazzanti A., Voelker T., Hou P., Moreno J. D., Angsutararux P., Naegle K. M., Priori S. G., Silva J. R.

Circulation Research. (February 2019) 124 (4) : 539–552
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How to Connect Cardiac Excitation to the Atomic Interactions of ion channels

Silva JR

Biophysical Journal (Jan 2018 ) 114 (2) :259-266
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Development of a Mixed Reality Platform for Lateral Skull Base Anatomy

McJunkin JL, Jiramongkolchai P, Chung W, Southworth M, Durakovic N, Buchman CA, Silva JR

Otology & Neurotology (Dec 2018) 39 (10) :e1137-42
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Emerging Applications of Virtual Reality in Cardiovascular Medicine

Silva JNA, Southworth M, Raptis C, Silva JR

Journal of the American College of Cardiology: Basic to Translational Science (June 2018) 3 (3) : 420- 430
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Depolarization of the Conductance-Voltage Relationship in the NaV1.5 Mixed Syndrome Mutant, E1784K, Caused by Modified Fast Inactivation

Peters CH, Yu A, Zhu W, Silva JR, Ruben PC

PLoS One (September 2017) 12 (9) : e0184605
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Mechanisms and Models of Cardiac Sodium Channel Inactivation

Mangold K. E., Silva J. R., Brittany D. Brumback B. D., Angsutararux P., Voelker T.L., Zhu W., Kang P.W., Moreno J.D., Silva J. R.

Channels (September 2017) 11 (6) : 517-533
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Mechanisms of noncovalent β subunit regulation of NaV channel gating

Zhu W., Voelker T.L., Varga Z., Schubert A.R., Nerbonne J.M., Silva.J.R.

Journal of General Physiology (2017) 149 (8): 813–831
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Regulation of Na+ channel inactivation by the DIII and DIV voltage-sensing domains

Hsu, E.J., Silva, J. R., Hsu E.J., Zhu W., Schubert A.R., Voelker T., Varga Z., Silva J.R.

Journal of General Physiology (2017) 149 (3): 389–403.
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Molecular motions that shape the cardiac action potential: Insights from voltage clamp fluorometry

Zhu W, Varga, Z, Silva JR.

Prog Biophys Mol Biol (Jan 2016) 120 1-3):3-17
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A computationally efficient algorithm for fitting ion channel parameters

Teed, Z. R., Silva, J. R.

MethodsX (2016) 3, 577-588
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A novel NaV1.5 voltage sensor mutation associated with severe atrial and ventricular arrhythmias

Wang, H.-G., Zhu, W., Kanter, R. J., Silva, J. R., Honeywell, C., Gow, R. M., & Pitt, G. S.

Journal of Molecular and Cellular Cardiology (March 2016) 92, 52–62
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Molecular motions that shape the cardiac action potential: Insights from voltage clamp fluorometry

Zhu, W., Varga, Z., & Silva, J. R.

Progress in Biophysics and Molecular Biology (January 2016) 120(1-3) 3–17
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Role of protein dynamics in ion selectivity and allosteric coupling in the NaK channel

Brettmann, J. B., Urusova, D., Tonelli, M., Silva, J. R., & Henzler-Wildman, K. A.

Proceedings of the National Academy of Science (2015) 112(50):15366-15371
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Direct Measurement of Cardiac Na+ Channel Conformations Reveals Molecular Pathologies of Inherited Mutations

Varga Z., Zhu, W., Schubert A. R., Pardieck J. L., Krumholz A., Hsu, E. J., Zaydman M.A., Cui J., Silva, J. R.

Circulation, Arrhythmia and Electrophysiology (2015) 8 (5) :1228–39
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Modeling K,ATP-dependent excitability in pancreatic islets

Silva, J. R., Cooper, P., & Nichols, C. G.

Biophysical Journal (November 2014) 107 (9) : 2016–2026
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The Xenopus Oocyte Cut-open Vaseline Gap Voltage-clamp Technique With Fluorometry

Rudokas, M. W., Varga, Z., Schubert, A. R., Asaro, A. B., & Silva, J. R.

Journal of Visualized Experiments (March 2014) 85 : 1–11
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Voltage Gated Sodium Channels: Slow Inactivation of Na+ Channels

Silva, J. R.

Handbook of Experimental Pharmacology (February 2014) 221 : 33-49
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The Heterogeneity and Function of KATP Channels in Canine Hearts

[Zhang HX*, Silva JR*], Lin YW, Verbsky JW, Lee US, Kanter EM, Yamada KA, Schuessler RB, Nichols CG - *Both authors contributed equally,

Heart Rhythm (October 2013) 10 (10) : 1576-1583
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Voltage-sensor movements describe slow inactivation of voltage-gated sodium channels II: a periodic paralysis mutation in Na(V)1.4 (L689I)

Silva, J. R., & Goldstein, S. A. N.

The Journal of General Physiology (February 2013) 141 (3) : 323–34
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Voltage-sensor movements describe slow inactivation of voltage-gated sodium channels I: Wild-type skeletal muscle NaV1.4

Silva, J. R., & Goldstein, S. A. N.

The Journal of General Physiology (February 2013) 141(3) : 309–21
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Kv7.1 ion channels require a lipid to couple voltage sensing to pore opening

Zaydman, M. A., Silva, J. R., Delaloye, K., Li, Y., Liang, H., Larsson, H. P., Shi J., Cui, J.

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (August 2013) 110 (32) : 13180-13185
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Multi-scale electrophysiology modeling: from atom to organ

Jonathan R Silva 1, Yoram Rudy

J Gen Physiol . 2010 Jun;135(6):575-81
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Updates on the inherited cardiac ion channelopathies: From cell to clinical

Silva, J. N. A., & Silva, J. R.

Current Treatment Options in Cardiovascular Medicine (2012) 14 (5) : 473-489
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Ion channel associated diseases: overview of molecular mechanisms

Zaydman M.A., Silva J.R., Cui J.

Chem Rev (Dec 2012) 112 (12) : 6319-33
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